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Water Damage Claims

Water damage can come from places in your home or business including the roof, a supply line, a sewer line, or any other line running through your house or property.

Most water damage is caused by leaks and heavy storms or rain and you should know these perils are included in most insurance policies. Since most of these damages are caused by external factors and not your fault, you shouldn’t see your rates go up as a result of the claim.

When dealing with a loss at your home it is important to take lots of pictures and keep any paperwork pertaining to your claim. If you have already contacted an expert to help deal with your problem be sure to have paperwork to support any observations or work that has been done to your home or business.

It is our job at Carolina Claims Solutions to represent your interests and help you recover money spent on fixing the leak and other additional damages caused by the water damage. As your Public Adjuster we will ensure the claim is organized according to the standards of your policy. Carolina Claims solutions strives to deliver a smooth process to help put you, the insured, in the best position for maximum recovery!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is rain damage covered by homeowners insurance?

Rain damage is typically covered by homeowner’s insurance. However, not all rain damage will be covered by a typical policy. Generally, if the rain damage is caused by improper home maintenance and other issues, then it may not be covered by homeowner’s insurance. If your roof hasn’t been replaced in 25 years, for example, then you may not be able to file a claim when your roof leaks during the next rainstorm because there are holes in your shingles. Nevertheless, most home insurance policies cover rain damage.

Does homeowners insurance cover window leaks?

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers window leaks, assuming your windows have been properly maintained. If the leak is sudden and accidental, then a home insurance policy will typically cover the leak. However, if you ignore an ongoing leak over a long period of time, then your insurance company might challenge your claim.

Does flood insurance cover rain damage?

Flood damage occurs when water touches the ground before it enters your home. If rain is washing off the street into your home, for example, then it’s considered flood damage and will likely be covered by flood insurance. typically, flood insurance only covers flood damage – it does not cover water damage. You will need to process water damage claims under your ordinary home insurance policy.

Do I need flood insurance coverage?

Like most insurance questions, this one is entirely up to your desired level of risk and the amount of insurance you’re willing to pay for. Generally, anyone who lives in a flood-prone zone will want to buy flood insurance. If your insurance company does not provide flood insurance (which they don’t in certain flood-prone regions), then consider buying flood insurance through FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which covers 21,000 flood-prone communities across America that would otherwise not qualify for insurance.

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