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Hail Damage Claims

As hurricane season approaches, your property is at risk of not only being hit by a powerful storm, but also by hail, which can cause permanent damage to the structure, creating further problems in the future. It is important to have a good insurance policy that clearly states that you are covered in case hail damages your property and that you are awarded the to compensation to which you are entitled.

Carolina Claims Solutions will help you with your claim, guiding you through the process to help you receive the maximum award from your insurance company.


As your state-appointed public adjuster we work to collect and present all documentation necessary for your case to be discussed immediately. Can’t find your policy? Our adjusters will work together with you to get and stay organized for all your property damage claim needs.

As with all other types of damage, we advise our clients to have photos ready that document the damage caused to the property for your claim to be successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wind or windstorm insurance?

Wind insurance or windstorm insurance is a special type of property insurance that covers damages caused by high winds, including hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, hail, and other weather events. Wind insurance will cover damage to your home, detached structures, sheds, and swimming pools, as well as the personal belongings inside your home. Typically, you only need to purchase windstorm insurance if you live in a wind-prone area of the country.

Does homeowners insurance cover wind damage?

Windstorm insurance is typically included on a homeowner’s insurance policy. However, if you live in a certain wind-prone area of the country, then insurance companies might require you to buy an extra wind insurance policy. Check with your insurance company to ensure wind damage is covered under your insurance contract. If not, you may want to purchase additional coverage.

Do I need wind and hail damage insurance?

Hail damage is covered under most home insurance policies. Wind damage, meanwhile, is covered under most home insurance policies – except for homeowners who live in states with heavy winds. If you live in a wind-prone region, then wind insurance may be worth it for maximum protection. Hail damage, however, does not typically cost extra.

How do I tell if my roof has hail damage?

So you’ve experienced a hailstorm. Once the storm clears, it’s time to check your roof for hail damage. The three main signs of hail damage include: Bruising Cracking Granules missing from your asphalt or other material Whatever your roofing material may be, get on the roof (safely) and check for dents, cracks, and other physical damage. Pay particularly close attention to the ridge cap of the roof. The ridge caps often absorb the most damage. Carefully check the whole shingle, including the edges, for signs of damage. Binoculars can be a useful too for spot checking your roof from the ground. Consider hiring a professional to assess roof damage after a hailstorm. Some damage may be difficult to spot.

Will insurance cover hail damage to my roof?

Damage to a roof caused by hail or wind damage is typically covered under most home and business insurance policies. Even in hail-prone states, it’s rare for an insurance policy to not cover hail damage to your roof. However, depending on your state and insurance policy, coverage can be applied in different ways.

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