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Vandalism Damage

Unfortunately, private and commercial properties can be vandalized or robbed when you least expect it, and this is why you need a policy that covers the potential damage caused by the break-ins.

Too often homeowners are not aware of the policy limitations that are in place for items such as jewelry, money, electronics and other personal property. 


Carolina Claims Solutions offers you a team of experts who can help you understand your coverage and interpret those terms to help you recover the maximum amount from what you have lost. 

From broken windows to doors, missing jewelry, kitchen appliances, laptops, TVs, or money, everything must be carefully detailed in the police report which will later act as evidence when you’re trying to claim your insurance policy.

Let Carolina Claims Solutions help you make sense of such a senseless act. Contact us now for a FREE inspection to help with any issues concerning Vandalism today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are theft & vandalism claims so complicated?

One reason it can be so complicated to file a theft & vandalism claim is because so many policyholders file claims for thefts that never happened. As a result, you can expect your insurance company to make you jump through numerous hoops after filing a claim before you ever see a penny. You’ll have to prove that you owned the items that you claim were stolen, for instance. You’ll need to give proof of their value. You’ll also have to provide proof of any property damage–broken windows, doors, or locks, for instance–that may have occurred during the incident.

Can a public adjuster help me prove my claim?

To prove that you truly owned the items you claim were stolen or vandalized, you’ll need to provide a good amount of documentation. That often means credit card statements and receipts, but it could also be videos or pictures, or even appraisals or insurance policy endorsements. The bottom line is that the more documentation you can provide, the better. Insurance companies are generally not in the business of making it easy for you to prove your claim, which is another reason you’ll want to have a public adjuster on your side. Your adjuster will know exactly what the insurance companies will want to see, and they’ll know exactly how the documentation will need to be filed. With a public adjuster working for you, your chance of having your theft and vandalism claim approved will be increased exponentially. It’s really that simple. We understand the jargon insurance companies use, and we understand the often-confusing legalities that appear in insurance policies just like the one you probably have. Our expertise, in other words, means a larger payment for you.

How will the value of an item be determined?

Insurance companies often seek property appraisals from companies that have the ability to reduce the estimated replacement price due to their buying power in the market. This reduces their liability – and the claim you are paid. However, our claims adjusters can help you get the claim to which you are entitled.

How do I prove that I owned the property that was stolen or vandalized?

Receipts or other documentation, such as video, pictures, credit card statements, appraisals and insurance policy endorsements, serve as proof of ownership and help move along the claims process.

If my theft/vandalism claim is denied, what are my options?

An attorney would need to be retained and most likely a lawsuit filed against your insurance carrier. However, in some cases, Carolina Claim Solutions can review your claim and may be able to get your company to reconsider coverage before taking this step. In the event an attorney is required, Carolina CLaim Solutions can act as your expert with regards to the insurance loss and damages.

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Vandalism Damage

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