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Have YOU Been A

Victim of Vandalism?

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Vandalism Damage

Unfortunately, private and commercial properties can be vandalized or robbed when you least expect it, and this is why you need a policy that covers the potential damage caused by the break-ins.

Too often homeowners are not aware of the policy limitations that are in place for items such as jewelry, money, electronics and other personal property. 


Carolina Claims Solutions offers you a team of experts who can help you understand your coverage and interpret those terms to help you recover the maximum amount from what you have lost. 

From broken windows to doors, missing jewelry, kitchen appliances, laptops, TVs, or money, everything must be carefully detailed in the police report which will later act as evidence when you’re trying to claim your insurance policy.

Let Carolina Claims Solutions help you make sense of such a senseless act. Contact us now for a FREE inspection to help with any issues concerning Vandalism today!

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Fire Damage

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Wind Damage

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Vandalism Damage

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Water Damage

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Hail Damage

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Mold Damage

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