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Steven is the CEO and founder of Carolina Claims Solutions and has over 10 years of experience as a public adjuster. His journey started with a similar story most clients experience – a roof leak that was poorly handled by the insurance company. After being a loyal customer for years this experience left Steven and his family frustrated with no support and a leaking roof. Read the full story below. 

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His Story

After the negative experience, Steven has dedicated his days to understanding and mastering the insurance claims process, making sure his clients will not have to face the same challenges and frustration when handling their claims.


His experience has enabled him to help his clients navigate thousands of claims covering everything from hurricane and wind damage, to mold, fire, pipe leaks, air conditioning leaks, and much more.


Carolina Claims Solutions is a FAMILY-OWNED local company that has successfully solved over thousands of claims earning MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for clients who suffered property loss or damage. We believe in working with integrity, honesty and delivering the highest level of quality for those in need. Carolina Claims Solutions’ reliability and success is a reflection of the community’s trust and support. Like a fingerprint, experience shows that no two claims are exactly alike. We are here to meet your needs no matter how small, large or complicated.


As state-appointed representatives, our company is here to ensure that clients are always treated fairly by their insurance company. Steven has worked to develop relationships throughout the insurance industry that has been key for great working relationships when dealing with adjusters representing insurance companies.


Anybody has the ability to open a claim with their insurance company, however many clients have found that the insurance company did not sufficiently meet their needs. Through the years of experience, Steven has developed an approach to greatly increase the odds for better results. Steven hopes that by sharing his secrets he has learned, it will continue to help protect the community allowing it to flourish.

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to contact and guide you through the claims process to help fix your property in the shortest possible time.


Stop living with property damage! Start fighting for YOUR rights and YOUR money with Carolina Claims Solutions! Book an appointment NOW and let US help you get the best of your claim.


Carolina Claims Solutions is a FAMILY-OWNED local company that covers cases within a two-hour radius. We strive to always deliver the best results, along with the best service for our clients. 

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