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Carolina Claims Solutions will guide you step-by-step as we navigate your property damage claim.
It’s our job to ensure you understand “The Insurance Claim Process” 
and know what to expect from the start, middle, and end of your property damage claim;
be confident that you have entrusted your claim to expert representation with no surprises along the process.


We will assist you all the way through the claim and won’t stop until you get the cash award settlement you deserve.

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Remember that no claim is too small. We understand that claims happen at any moment and are standing by whenever an emergency occurs.


Carolina Claims Solutions provides free inspection and guidance on how to handle your claim.


One of the best benefits that comes with us is that we do not get paid unless you do! We begin with a FREE inspection that allows us to better understand your needs.


We also take the time to review your policy and combine that to provide options that will best suit your home or business needs.

Damage Assessment

While some scenarios are rather obvious, there are many scenarios where damage occurs that is not always visible without the proper equipment. Insurance was originally created to indemnify the people after a loss. Here at CCS we help to ensure that all covered issues are resolved properly, not just what the insurance feels is necessary.

Most homeowners believe that they have to be represented by whomever the insurance company provides. North Carolina provides the right to the insured to hire your own representative who works with your best interest. As opposed to an automobile accident where someone else could potentially be at fault, commercial and homeowners are not considered responsible. Our team of specialists makes sure your claim is properly accepted and that you receive maximum compensation.



Oftentimes your insurance policy will include options that enable an insured to move forward with an underpaid claim. At CCS your adjuster will know how to navigate these options and help you to reach your claim goals.

The state of North Carolina allows for claims to be reopened, as long as the claim is within three years of when the damage occurred.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to accept low offers without fully understanding their position in relation to the damage that occurred. 


Carolina Claims Solutions is here to help you understand that you have a right to be treated fairly by your insurance carrier.

Denied Claims

In case your first claim has been denied, you can reopen it and request a reevaluation of the factors and policy terms. 


Carolina Claims Solutions can guide you through the process and provide the required expertise to reopen the claim and receive your compensation as per your insurance policy. 


If your claim has been denied and you wish to reopen it, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Credit Assessment

Carolina Claims Solutions is a FAMILY-OWNED local company that covers cases within a two-hour radius. We strive to always deliver the best results, along with the best service for our clients. 

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